Friday, June 15, 2012

The LAmade Draped Cardigan

Ever need something to just throw on at night or even during the day when you get chilly. Something that isn't too heavy but also will provide some warmth? Our Draped Cardigan is the perfect option! What's even better about this cardigan is that it is a two for one cardigan. Both are equally as stylish and perfect for those breezy summer nights at the beach.
 Option A: Long Sleeve (or upside down) is the perfect loose fitting cardigan with a longer sleeve 
and adjustable waist band. You can also choose to button it or not. 
Option B: Short Sleeve (or right side up) this is the more traditional cardigan, 
with a shorter sleeve and an open front. 

Our Draped Cardigan is available online in Natural for $69!
Have a great weekend!

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